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2022 Honorable Mentions

Updated: Jan 17

Last week I revealed my top ten favorite reads in 2022. This post is dedicated to the books that were also great and wonderful reads, but didn't quite make that cut for one reason or another. All of these are excellent reads, and I really enjoyed each one.


I loved this story because I learned so much about deaf culture. It is by no means fully representative, but it did provide a glimpse into a life I'm not privy to seeing. There were a couple scenes that felt a bit weird to me, which is why it did not make my top ten list.


This was my longest standing TBR book, and I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and its resolution. There was a tad more of romance to the story than I expected (but not in a smutty way), but I still found it incredibly well done. Also, if you actually read the description about the book, it does say it's a story about love and loss. So I'm not sure how I missed the romance aspect.


One of the most unique stories I read this year, Tomorrow X3 tells an amazing story of friendship. I really loved how the story was presented to make you connect with the characters, and the writing is just top notch. Plus, it'll pull out all the 90's nostalgia.


I'm not much for poetry. I still didn't grasp all of this collection, but I came much closer to comprehension in this one than others. Plus, this one has some really special formatting which left a huge impression.


A unique look at the language of cults, Amanda Montell will make you examine your own life and ask the really hard questions. Where are you just following along and not questioning what is told to you?


Oh look! A sci-fi book made the honorable mentions list! After a classic made my top ten last year (see that list here), I was curious to see if another would claim a spot. This one came super close as I really enjoyed it, and so did my sci-fi loving husband.

Are any of these on your radar?

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