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Anticipated New Releases 2023

Updated: May 27

Now that we're solidly into February and Spring is well on its way, I've finally had a chance to put together of the list of books I'm excited for publication in 2023! Some of these have already published, some I've been able to read thanks to some generous publishers, and some I just found out about! I know I'm missing a LOT (have you seen how many good ones are coming??!), but this is my starting point. Let's dive in!

THE NIGHT TRAVELERS by Armando Lucas Carrera (published on January 10, 2023)**

If you like World War II historical fiction, this book is for you! I absolutely loved it and have already recommended it to several others (who, I might add, have also already read and loved it). So thankful for the opportunity to hear from the author alongside The Book Friends Book Club. Here's my review for more!

FINLAY DONOVAN JUMPS THE GUN by Elle Cosimano (published on January 31, 2023)

The third installment in the Finlay Donovan series, I am excited to see what shenanigans Finlay and Vero get up to this time!

THE HOUSE OF EVE by Sadeqa Johnson (published on February 7, 2023)**

Author of The Yellow Wife is back! I'm pumped to dive into this 1950's book exploring life and motherhood - a timeless concept and one I'm still trying to figure out myself.

THE HOUSEMAID'S SECRET by Freida McFadden (expected publication February 20, 2023)

I absolutely devoured THE HOUSEMAID as my first read of 2023 (review here). I cannot wait to see what the formidable Millie gets up to next.

THE PORCELAIN MOON by Janie Chang (expected publication February 21, 2023)**

I love historical fiction, and this one looks so good. It's about a topic I don't know much about, so I hope to be able to learn a lot while reading.

GO AS A RIVER by Shelley Read (expected publication March 7, 2023)**

While an experienced writer, this is Shelley Read's debut novel. I've already seen so many friends who love this book, and I'm really hoping I do too!

THE MOSTLY TRUE STORY OF TANNER AND LOUISE by Colleen Oakley (expected publication March 28, 2023)

I know almost nothing else about it, but it just seems like so much fun! And I absolutely love the title.

HAPPY PLACE by Emily Henry (expected publication April 25, 2023)

Hear me out: I don't really read romance novels. But much to my surprise, I have really enjoyed the previous Emily Henry novels so this one is on my list!

THE PARIS DAUGHTER by Kristin Harmel (expected publication June 6, 2023)**

I have really enjoyed the other books by Kristin Harmel, so you know this one is on my radar! I just finished it (so so good!), and a full review is coming soon.

CROOK MANIFESTO by Colson Whitehead (expected publication July 18, 2023)**

Each of his books are so drastically different that I cannot wait to see what Colson writes next.

SINNERS OF STARLIGHT CITY by Anika Scott (expected publication July 18, 2023)

I read an Anika Scott book last year and it was so well done, this one had to make my TBR for this year. Plus, who doesn't love the 1933 Chicago World's Fair?!

FAMILY LORE by Elizabeth Avecado (expected publication August 1, 2023)**

Elizabeth Avecado continually blows me away with her unique way of presenting stories, and I cannot wait to see what she does in this one.

THE PHOENIX CROWN by Kate Quinn & Janie Chang (expected publication September 5, 2023)

Kate Quinn sure knows how to pick excellent topics for her books, and I'm thrilled to see this collaboration with Janie Chang (both of these writers are busy bees this year with two books each on the publishing train!).

MURDER BY INVITATION ONLY by Colleen Cambridge (expected publication September 26, 2023)**

The third installment in the Phyllida Bright Murder Mystery series, I cannot wait to see what Agatha Christie's fictional housekeeper gets up to next!

Which titles am I missing? What books are you excited for publication this year?

**Double asterisked books were gifted by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Some of these reviews are still forthcoming at this time.


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