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REVIEW: Take Your Breath Away

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Special thanks to partners Bibliolifestyle and William Morrow Books for a finished copy of Take Your Breath Away by Linwood Barclay to read, feature, and review! This book is available now.

Andrew‘s wife, Brie Mason, disappeared six years ago while he was away for the weekend. He was the main suspect, but nothing was ever proven as Brie’s body was never found. Now she’s back. Or, it seems like she’s back. The police are asking all the old questions again, and the past he left behind is coming back to haunt him. What really happened all those years ago?

This book was hands down my favorite in May, and was the perfect slump buster. I was so drawn in by Barclay's writing. When I say I became invested in finding out what happened to Brie, I mean I became invested. Some reviews I have read say this book starts slow, and I would agree to some extent. However, once I got past a certain chapter, I only had questions that needed answers.

I was not familiar with Linwood Barclay before this book, but I am SO curious about his backlist now! (In case you're wondering like I was, it is quite extensive. Click here for his Goodreads profile.) The twists and turns kept me turning pages way past my bedtime, and pretty much every hypothesis I had for the ending was absolutely incorrect. Each red herring had just enough validity, that I'm pretty sure I fell for each one hook, line, and sinker (and I loved the homage this book paid to the Queen of Crime herself, Agatha Christie!). When the truth was revealed at the end, everything clicked into place perfectly. It was incredibly satisfying.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy trying to solve the crime along with the protagonist, your local thriller lover, and anyone interested in dipping their toes into the genre. This Canadian author has certainly not seen the last of me! Oh, and when you read this and need someone to talk to because you're wondering what on earth is happening, feel free to drop me a line!

Content Warnings: murder, violence, death of a spouse, infidelity, cancer, emotional abuse, grief, death of a parent


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