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Yet Another Gift Guide

I don't know about you, but I love gifting the perfect book to someone for Christmas. I enjoy thinking about the person, what they like, what they've read or not read, and hopefully they end up with a book they love! I've had some big wins in the past, and some utter failures. This year I've decided to take a stab at creating a book gift giving guide. I've only included books I have absolutely loved and would recommend to others. I've also linked my reviews for each of the books I included (either here on the blog or to an Instagram post). Oh! And friendly reminder that if you're shopping small (like with my favorite indie bookstore, The Snail on the Wall), be sure to shop early! Are you gifting any books this year?

For the lover of family dramas: Black Cake

This debut is incredible and so satisfying to read. I cannot wait to see what Charmaine Wilkerson will write next. This book has remained in my top five reads for 2022 all year! Read my full review here.

For the nonfiction lover: Beautiful Country

This memoir challenged my perspective on several things (see what here), and I am so thankful Qian Julie Wang shared her story. I read a physical copy, but it would also make for an excellent audio gift as she narrates her own story!

For the audiobook lover: A Face For Picasso

Step into someone else's shoes as Ariel Henley shares her story with Cruzon Syndrome. One of my favorite books I listened to this year! See my full review here.

For the feel good reader: The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett

Eudora and her friends surprised me in the very best way. A heart touching story that is sure to have you in tears by the end. Spoiler on my review, I thought it was brilliant!

For the tech lover: Upgrade

Blake Crouch's newest sci-fi adventure novel is nothing short of spell binding. I sped through this book, and my sci-fi loving husband agrees this one is worth checking out! Read more of my thoughts here.

For the art lover: Woman on Fire

Another book I devoured in a day or two, Woman on Fire explores the world of art looted by the Nazis. I believe it's a poignant read in today's world stage. Read more here!

For the 90's fanatic: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did, but it was so unique and well done. Gabrielle Zavin ties in nostalgia, emotion, and clever writing to tell a special tale of friendship.

For the challenger: Nightcrawling

Written when she was just 17, this debut from author Leila Mottley is nothing short of incredible. It's a tale of heart and soul, which realistically means it's a tough story. Based on true events from Oakland, California, main character Kiara finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. See my thoughts on Instagram by clicking here.

For the nature lover: Once There Were Wolves

One of my favorite reads from 2021, I can't stop thinking about Inti, her sister, and the wolves. Plus, the Scottish setting really makes me want to visit the Highlands! Read more here!

For the arm chair sleuth: Murder at Hazelmoor

It wouldn't be a gift guide without at least one Agatha Christie novel included! This is one of her stand alone novels, and it's not one to overlook. It's a great cosy winter read, and the mystery itself is such a fun one to try and solve! This book is also known as The Sittaford Mystery.

For the thrill seeker: Hostage

Clare Mackintosh writes a compelling narrative that kept me on the edge of my seat! Not everything was as it seemed, and the ending had one of the greatest twists I've read in a while. Find out more by checking out my post on Instagram!

For the activist: The Woman They Could Not Silence

A female historical character whose story is mostly untold, Elizabeth Packard forged a path for women's rights when they had none. I learned so much and found this book incredibly eye opening. See more of my thoughts here.

For the lover of all things classical: Rebecca

A classic in and of itself, Rebecca is a story that sticks with you. Pairs perfectly with the 1940 film adaptation directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

For the sci-fi fan: Linesman

This book is one of my major wins as far as gifting goes. I gave it to my science fiction loving husband, who also wanted to give it to his science fiction loving dad, and they both loved it. I read it, and I have to admit I loved it as well!

For the history buff: The Woman Who Smashed Codes

I hadn't heard of Elizabeth Smith before reading this fascinating book, but I could not put this one down. The research was impeccable and - added bonus - it was so well written and an easy read!

For the holiday lover: The Royal Holiday

I read this one last year and was so surprised by how much I enjoyed it! Similar to a Hallmark Christmas movie, this holiday themed read is sure to warm your heart. More on this one here!

That wraps up my 2022 book gifting guide! I hope you've found some inspiration. Have another person you're searching for the perfect book for? Drop a comment below and I'll do my best to respond with a book!


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